T-PLUS is the state of the art of tecar technology in terms of performance.

This device allows you to mobilize and condense electrolytes in the biological tissues.It stimulates blood perfusion in precisely selectable parts of the body. The T-Plus enables the therapist to acquire the means of increasing and controlling blood supply so as to influence biomechanics, the inflammatory process, tissue regeneration, oxygenation supporting natural reparative processes.

The professional relies on T-Plus technology to quickly stimulate perfusion, vasodilation, temperature variation and drainage inside the treated tissues.
These levers are used selectively to achieve therapeutic results in the shortest possible time.



Where the key word is inflammation.
Accidents, musculoskeletal disorders and surgical operations are traumas that our body faces periodically.
In response to these events it reacts through inflammation, representing on one hand the origin of the problem at symptomatic level and on the other the beginning of the healing process.
Many of the effects of inflammation are strongly related to the circulatory system; quick action on this system is thus essential to restore full well-being.
In the field of rehabilitation WINTECARE develops and combines technologies through work programs where the practitioner relies on the most effective tools to stimulate the necessary reactions to achieve lasting therapeutic results in the shortest possible time.

Body Conditioning

The world of aesthetics and anti-aging is as vast as that of medicine.
The search for the elixir of eternal beauty has inspired many stories and initiatives and still arouses interest even in those who belong to the scientific world.
Looking in the mirror and feeling good about ourselves doesn’t just depend on weight, muscle tone or skin hydration.
Feeling good about ourselves includes the perception of our body as a whole.
In its approach to Body Conditioning and anti-aging, WINTECARE has adopted an integrated vision not far from that of the medical world, helping patients to improve the perception of themselves, examining and acting simultaneously on the body different systems.
Considering the patient’s starting point and helping him to design how he would like to appear, the professional plans strategic programs focused on circulatory and neuro-muscular actions such as to help the person to perceive himself as he wishes, in the shortest possible time.


You don’t need to be a professional athlete to be a sports lover.
Many people love it because it brings us closer to our instincts while elevating us to better people.
Unlike other disciplines, training techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated and scientific with thousands of new technologies on the horizon and many already on the market.
We are all looking for a better solution, but choosing the right one is becoming increasingly difficult.
In the world of professional sports, the answer doesn’t lie in a particular technology but rather in the ability of health professionals to combine the correct tools to achieve the goals set in their athletes’ training programs.
Improving times for a marathon, increasing strength or explosiveness, improving coordination …
These are objectives that can be reached in a reasonable time if you know the human body and the biomechanics that underlie its functioning.
In the field of performance WINTECARE develops and combines technologies through work programs where the practitioner holds the most effective tools for a sportsman – whether professional or amateur – to give his best, with proven results for muscle recovery, flexibility, tissue oxygenation and optimization of muscle fibres recruitment.


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