Body Conditioning

Feel good and be satisfied with your appearance!

Everything we do with the aim of taking care of our body has a positive impact on the quality of our life.

Metabolism is a set of biological processes that serve to maintain, grow or repair the body. Energy consumption and production in the body depend on what we eat and how nutrients are processed, distributed and stored.

The chemical reactions within the tissues are the basis of these activities in a continuous binding and splitting into new compounds which in turn can be useful to produce energy and tissues or simply waste.

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Fat for example, is the main result of energy storage inside the body.

Balance between energy consumed and energy made available through nutrition is a crucial component for keeping your fat mass under control. You can also gain weight through other growth processes such as those that are triggered with training aimed at increasing muscle mass.

The body tends to homeostasis, that is to say to always keep the conditions necessary to survival over time balanced. Amount of water, weight, PH, sodium, calcium… The parameters that the body keeps under control are innumerable. Negative feedback is one of the most physiological reactions, basically it is body reaction to an external stimulus and this reaction is aimed at restoring initial balance. If we ingest more water than necessary for the body at that moment, the body will react by expelling excess liquids through, for example, urine.  Ask for informations >

According to the same principle, if we begin to eat less and less and inefficiently, our  body will tend to accumulate more the very substances we are limiting. What seems a complication for our shape is actually an extraordinary adaptation mechanism that allows man to survive in very different conditions.

But then how can we “force” our body to react as we wish to keep weight, fat and muscle mass under control?

Scientific studies have been published one after the other in the past 30 years trying  to give concrete answers to these questions. Today we know it is possible to obtain results through certain activities. Controlled training is the simplest example: following coded patterns of repeated exercises alternated with timed rest, we are able to increase our muscle mass within certain limits.

By carrying out activities that promote peripheral blood circulation and the microcirculation of the lower limbs, we can counteract the accumulation of fluids.

Making sure that the areas with accumulation of fat are kept at favorable temperatures for the metabolic activity in the pre and post workout favors the transformation of fats into available energy.

Within this context, the therapist who has suitable tools to encourage the reactions described above is able to give a credible answer to those interested in taking care of their body with the aim of feeling better and looking better in the mirror. Ask for informations >

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