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T-Plus: the high-power tecar equipment that enhances the therapist’s skill and manual technique

Are you looking for “tecar equipment” just to include “tecar therapy” among your services or are you looking for a device that enhances your competence and manual skills as well as allowing you to respond to medical prescriptions?

In the therapeutic field, everyone wants immediate results. But what does it take to speed up therapeutic times?

The answer is extremely complex, but if we want to simplify as much as possible, it could be: we need more energy, in less time, without side effects. In this sense, T-Plus is the device that, more than any others, allows the transfer of large amounts of energy in a few seconds, minimizing the unwanted effects of the superficial thermal increase and maximizing the absorption of energy in the deep tissue, reducing the application times. T-Plus is the only device in the world tested and measured for this purpose and whose evidence is published in scientific journals.

The advantages of the modular high-power tecar equipment: T-Plus

Efficacy in both acute and chronic

Thanks to the technology of HYPERthermic and HYPOthermic electrodes, the tecar T-Plus technology is effective both in treatment conditions that stimulate significant thermal increases and in cases where the levels of applied current stimulate the tissue metabolically without significantly increasing its temperature. This allows the therapist to have maximum versatility in managing both acute (e.g. post surgical) and chronic (e.g. tendinosis) conditions.

tecar T-Plus equipment

Large amounts of energy in a short time

The tecar T-Plus device is capable of transferring large amounts of energy to the tissue, minimizing reaction times.

This is possible thanks to a careful study and use of innovative electrode materials and the ability of the generator to transfer up to 2 Ampere to the tissues.

Why is it important?

With T-Plus the therapist can stimulate the physiological reaction he seeks in the specific treatment area quickly and in depth.

tecar T-Plus technology

Tecar devices with less power need much more time to generate the desired reaction. This leads to longer therapeutic times and takes time away from manual technique and the rest of the therapy.

In addition, the tecar T-Plus equipment protects the patient and therapist from various limits:

  • hot plate or electrode
  • need to move continuously with the handpiece
  • difficulty in applying long geometries
  • limits in patient mobilization

Versatility based on clinical condition

The tecar T-Plus technology adapts the transferable current and energy levels according to the mode of use in order to maintain and improve efficiency while maintaining high levels of safety:

In the dynamic mode, the therapist can best express his or her manual technique in combination with ergonomic handpieces and electrodes designed to associate a deep energy transfer with mobilizations and manual techniques.

With the static mode, the therapist favors the control of the active exercise required from the patient, being able to continue to apply energy to the tissues that need it through special adhesive electrodes and being able to use his/her hands to correct any inaccuracies during the execution of the patient’s movement.

In fibrolysis mode T-Plus transforms the concept of tecar into diathermic fibrolysis giving the therapist the possibility to intervene on adhesions and fibrosis more effectively without pain.

Finally, through the dosimetric modality the therapist acquires the possibility to measure in a precise and controlled way the quantity of energy transferred. Ideal for supporting the regeneration of distressed tissues.

Fibrolisore Resistivo
Diathermic fibrolyser

Take the effectiveness of your manual technique to another level … without cream!

One of the potentialities that characterize T-Plus is the naturalness with which the therapist’s manual technique is combined and enhanced. Normally, a tecar device needs conductive cream in order to be applied to the body. While the conductive cream facilitates the transfer of current to the tissue, on the other it makes the skin slippery and difficult to manipulate, especially when complex structural maneuvers are required or when you want to apply advanced myofascial techniques.

Thanks to its innovative electrodes, T-Plus is the only tecar device in the world that gives the operator the opportunity to transfer large amounts of energy to the tissues even without the use of conductive cream.

This unique feature gives the operator using T-Plus a much wider and more effective range of action. In particular, in all cases where myofascial techniques are necessary or when precise joint maneuvers are required, facilitated by the transfer of energy.


“Without cream” also means more power without having to continuously move the electrode. Thermal increases occur quickly but gradually, without annoying peaks, making the treatment pleasant for the patient, much deeper and less tiring for the operator.

The frequency most cited in scientific studies

The high power modulated tecar T-Plus equipment works at a frequency of 0.5 MHz, an indication of the scientific literature supporting the world of capacitive and resistive energy transfer technologies. In fact, based on the electrical characteristics of the different body tissues, this frequency allows to exploit both the magnetic effects and the electrical effects of the applied field, thus being able to have access to a greater number of tissue responses and consequently a wider therapeutic spectrum than other types of instrumental physical therapy.

Tecar devices that work at different frequencies (for example, 0.8 or 1.2 MHz) often supported by theoretical models do not have the same scientific evidence that recognizes around 0.5 MHz as valid.

T-Plus tecar technology

UNLIKE T-PLUS, when a tecar machine causes an intense but superficial thermal response, it means that the effect does not penetrate deeply and this in most cases nullifies its therapeutic benefit.

Often skin overheating leads to discomfort for the patient, becoming a limitation in the therapist’s work: one is forced to constantly move the electrode to avoid burning the patient and mistakenly one thinks that it has generated a sufficient therapeutic effect. These thermal peaks are often associated with a fabric temperature that returns to pre-treatment levels within seconds. This phenomenon is an indicator of the superficiality of the energy transferred which normally results in poor therapeutic effects.

Certainty of the promised biological effects

With T-Plus the physiotherapist is able to transfer large amounts of energy, in a safe and pleasant way for the patient, respecting the fundamental characteristics of high-power energy transfer:

  • Effectiveness in both acute and chronic areas thanks to the technology that guarantees both thermal and non-thermal effects
  • Effective frequency recognized by impact factor scientific literature
  • Scientifically proven depth of effects with authoritative publications
  • Maximum comfort for patient and therapist during the application of the instrument with gradual, fast and deep thermal increases WITHOUT overheating of the plate or electrode
  • Focusing of the effects associated with the possibility of broadening the stimulus when necessary.
  • Multimodal approach to maximize effectiveness under all treatment conditions
T-Plus tecar equipment

The main effects on the body produced by the T-Plus device

  • Pain relief
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Increased blood perfusion
  • Local oxygen saturation increase
  • Improved tissue viscoelasticity
  • Reduction of edema
  • Control of the inflammatory process
  • Scientifically proven depth
  • Extremely pleasant treatment

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