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The innovative approach of Fisioteka center in Cattolica (Italy)

The introduction of a new technology in a physiotherapy clinic is always a reason for new stimuli on approaches and working methods. 

In this article, we want to tell you about the experience of the Fisioteka center, by Luciano Litterio and Lia Montalti, based in a small city in the center of Italy. These 2 great physios, after a bad experience with a same technology, welcomed the Wintecare world of technologies and contents, obtaining excellent results with their patients

Luciano is a smart young guy who has first graduated in Sports Science at the University of Urbino and then got another degree in Physiotherapy in 2017 in Madrid. 

Exploring countries techniques and different approaches to therapy was always a must for him, in fact he also made a master in Sports Physiotherapy and he is currently following a master in Manual Therapy in Padua. 

After the degree in physiotherapy he started working in a health center, where in a few months he got some responsibilities and his first recognition. As exciting as the work he was doing in the clinic was, he was not completely satisfied. 

In fact, after about 2 years he decided to leave that path and started laying the foundations for a new project: to create a specialized physiotherapy center for athletes.

physiotherapy treatment

Thus, putting together his studies, specializations and accumulated experiences, through the collaboration with the partner Lia Montalti, Studio Fisioteka was born. This project was born from the passion for physiotherapy and from the experience of two partners. They wanted to create a place where they can practice their profession in an innovative way. They didn’t want being tied to the normal common schemes or the idea of ​​a small individual studio.

Their strength is teamwork, collaboration between the various professionals, an innovative and flexible team that exploits its knowledge and passions, associated with the use of the latest generation of medical devices

All this allows them to create CUSTOMIZED – INNOVATIVE – FAST – SECURE protocols. When a studio wants to differentiate from the other ones for their patients, they can rely on Wintecare technologies and partnering support. In fact, Luciano and Lia got to know Wintecare and T-Plus after an unpleasant experience with another tecar technology. 

fisioteka center

Thanks to Soluzioni Medicali, with a bit of initial fear and skepticism, given by the previous experience, they decided to take this path and to experience the T-Plus technology. 

Since when they use T-Plus they recognize it as a tool that has increased the quality of their work. They report the example of 2 cases treated with T-Plus, thanks to its flexibility, they were able to obtain excellent results. 

The one in the picture is a 70-year-old patient who, due to a fall, reported multifocal muscle lesions, the largest being 50 x 18 mm. Thanks to the special electrodes of the T-Plus technology, they were able to reabsorb the hematoma in 6 days. T-Plus meets all the features needed for the fields of application of the so-called tecar therapy, but at the same time it is much more than that. 

Unlike other equipment in the same category, T-Plus gives the therapist the ability to transfer extremely modulable amounts of energy in a measurable, precise and safe way.

hematoma on a patient

It is therefore the ideal tecar technology for many fields of physiotherapy, sport and body conditioning. In addition, it is the only device that, thanks to its cream-free electrodes, allows to combine the work of energy transfer with manual therapy. 

Futhermore, the T-Plus device is equipped with a set of basic electrodes capable of enhancing the characteristics of the generator.

Special electrodes are added to this set to meet all treatment needs. The accessories give to the therapist the ability to be more and more effective in his work; for example the dynamic and static electrodes are useful for combining manual maneuvers and hands-free exercise during the treatment. There are effective electrodes at low temperature or others that increase it in a very fast way. Diathermic diacutaneous fibrolysers  intervene in case of adhesions or fibrosis. Finally, there are also electrodes capable of transferring large quantities of energy in hypothermic mode.

Here we see the case of a patient who, due to a forced extension, reported a muscle injury of 32 mm with a diameter of 15 mm. Thanks to the T-Plus technology associated with specific exercises, we were able to recover completely without leaving scars and calcifications.

clinical case

Luciano told us that patients are very satisfied, they are finally able to understand the importance of medical devices that they no longer associate with a simple tecar treatment.

Furthermore, when you manage to eliminate the pain in 2/3 sessions or bring a player back to the field after 1 week from the injury, it is certainly an exceptional result for therapists, but for patients it is definitely a “DREAM”.

Future goals?

As Luciano says “we definitely want to improve what we offer to our patients every day. We want to give them the best. We want to make the difference and in our small way we already do it today and we don’t want to stop. This is the good of our team. We are always constantly looking for new solutions, programs, technologies and all-round improvements. We were born to be innovative and this is what we intend to continue working on”.