T-PLUS represents the state of the art of Tecar technology.
An electromagnetic blood perfusion stimulator that allows you to accelerate the physiological processes at the basis of functional recovery, make biomechanics more efficient, improve metabolism.

How it works

T-Plus is a medical device belonging to the capacitive and resistive energy transfer category, which can be synthesized with different acronyms, including C.R.E.T. T-Plus therefore responds to all the characteristics necessary to the areas of application of the so-called Tecartherapy, but at the same time it is much more than this. Unlike other equipment in the same category, T-Plus gives the specialist the possibility of transferring extremely modulable quantities of energy in a measurable, precise and safe way. It is therefore the ideal tool for many fields of physiotherapy, sport and body conditioning.

Any instrumental physical therapy device is based on the transfer of energy to the tissue with the aim of stimulating a therapeutic effect. T-Plus allows you to transfer from 1 to 300 joules per second (up to a maximum of 18,000 joules per minute), guaranteeing enormous flexibility in the management of therapy times.

This is made possible through a highly efficiency and powerful generator capable of delivering and measuring adjustable quantities of energy. The values ​​indicated by the device always refer to the energy actually absorbed by the tissues and not simply to that supplied: this is a fundamental feature for every operator who needs to monitor and keep track of the therapies performed.

The unique Suisse patented control method also allows you to automatically moderate the power applied according to the various contact surfaces, thus making the therapy more fluid, pleasant and safe even in dynamic mode.

The special materials, alloys and the different shapes used for the various types of electrodes make T-Plus the only instrument in the world, in its category, capable of being applied even without the use of conductive creams, allowing the therapist to access a wide range of manual techniques otherwise precluded by the presence of a sliding element between his hands and the patient’s skin.

T-Plus is the tool that more than any other minimizes the superficial increase in temperature, promoting the absorption of energy in the deep tissue. The only one in the world that has been tested and measured for this purpose with results published in an impact factor magazine.

It is a versatile tool that can support the therapist in all its main fields of application and it is the only one that can meet all the needs that arise in complex cases such as post-surgical rehabilitation, sports medicine, occupational medicine, aesthetic medicine, chronic musculoskeletal diseases and sports performances.

The device is equipped with a set of basic electrodes capable of enhancing the characteristics of the generator. Additional special electrodes respond to all treatment needs. The latter are complements that can be used with or without cream depending on the application needs; dynamic and static electrodes to combine manual maneuvers and hands-free exercise with treatment, electrodes effective at low temperatures or very fast at increasing it, diathermic diacutaneous fibrolysers to intervene in the event of adhesions or fibrosis and electrodes capable of transferring large quantities of energy in hypothermic mode.

T-Plus is what a therapist needs to achieve all his goals.


The device is able to stimulate thermal and NON-thermal effects within the biological tissues. It allows you to add, to increases in blood perfusion and microcirculation in carefully targeted parts of the body, if necessary, increases in temperature and vasodilation. T-Plus also responds positively to regenerative and proliferative stimuli attributable to the application of electromagnetic fields around 0.5 MHz to body tissues.

The therapist who uses T-Plus can influence the inflammatory process, the nociceptive response and biomechanics in order to promote accelerated rehabilitation or better body conditioning.

The endogenous reactions induced are the result of the transfer of energy to the tissues by means of the electromagnetic field generated by the instrument and applied to the body by means of special electrodes.

Depending on how the electromagnetic field is applied to the body, it is possible to generate current through capacitive electrodes by exploiting the electrolytic mobilization within the tissues themselves or to transfer a current to the body through resistive electrodes, causing the passage of the charges to trigger the reactions sought.

A step forward

The electromagnetic field applied to the body generates and transfers energy that transforms partly into thermal energy (joule effect) which triggers biological thermal effects and partly into anabolic effects attributable to the NON-thermal effects.

T-Plus allows the operator to be very selective in concentrating these reactions and to what extent compatibly with the expected therapeutic objective.
For a correct use of the equipment and to be able to take full advantage of its features, it is recommended to follow specific training courses, these can take place at WINTECARE or in academic and training structures acknowledged by the company.


Medical Device Class II B Medical CE Certificate
Frequency ~– 0,5 MHz
Power – AP Voltage 450 VA – 600 V
Power – RES Voltage 300 W – 150 V
Weight 6,8 kg
Dimensions 50cm x 27cm x 19cm

Accessories included

Active Electrodes
• 4 Resistive Electrodes
• 2 Hypothermic Capacitive Electrodes
• 5 Hyperthermic Capacitive Electrodes
Neutral Electrode
• 1 Hyperflexible Plate

• 1 Ultra Ergonomic Capacitive Handpiece
• 1 Ultra Ergonomic Resistive Handpiece
• Radio remote control
• Power cord