Roberto Abril

“Drainage with wintecare in ankle sprain grade I improves inflammation and quality of affected tissue”.

Portugal, Spain - Physiotherapist

Patricia Mamona

“I decided to use Wintecare to get my body ready for another hard training. High performance training requires high performance recovery!”

Patricia Mamona, triple jump jumper, Portugal - European Champion 2016

Daria Klishina

Especially before main competitions like the Wolrd Championships we made intensive workouts and the body needs a recovery. For me, this year is a little bit thoughter than other years because I have different problems that I’ve never had before and working with the wintecare device every day before and after practice helps me to stay healthy. I can train, recover and do my workout at my 100%”.

Daria Klishina saltadora de longitud, ANA - Silver🥈 World Championship, 2 x European Champion.

Olga Lyakhova

Everytime Wintecare is at an event I go and receive a treatment. When the competition is really close the treatment is useful to activate my muscles and I you come and receive another treatment after the competition you’re ready to compete again. I really like it, it’s refreshing and comfortable and after that I feel like I’m new!

Olga Lyakhova 800m, Ukraine - European Medalist 2018 800m; European medalist U23, European medalist relay 4x400m

Christian Taylor

I would like to thank WIntecare for the incredible treatment I have received before every international meet this season. This team is made up of phenomenal people with such big hearts. Their sacrifice and passion for their work is truly felt in every treatment. This is the place to go to be at the best, compete at the best and win Thank you Nike for partnering with Wintecare and giving me the edge in every competition”.

Christian Taylor, triple jump jumper, USA - 2x Olympic Champion, 4x World Champion, 7x Diamond League Champion.

Francisco Javier Perez Alba

Wintecare is the vanguard of physiotherapy: it has a revolutionary approach and top efficiency

Francisco Javier Pérez Alba, Spain - Physiotherapist

Joao Basilio Macedo Rodriguez

In my opinion Wintecare is the best kind of technology that can be used combined with manual therapy to obtain the best results possible

João Basilio Macedo Rodriguez, Portugal - Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Beatriz Jimenez

Wintecare is not just a company for me, it is a family. There are other companies in the market, but with Wintecare you can meet other specialists who are a close  team, personally and professionally speaking”.

Beatriz Jimenez, Spain - Physiotherapist specialized in sports rehabilitation

Hideyuki Shibachi

Wintecare is my heart, it gave me the possibility to express my best and give everything as a physio

Hideyuki Shibachi, Japan - Physical therapist and athletic trainer

Gabriele Bertelli

Wintecare is a huge opportunity to try to be the best therapists possible

Gabriele Bertelli, Italy - Massophysiotherapist Physiotherapist Masseur

Simone Collio

“Wintecare represents my working future. An incredible innovation for physiotherapist figure and a good opportunity for comparison with colleagues

Simone Collio, Italy - Sports Physiotherapist ex-sprinter 100m