About us

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Wintecare is a Swiss reality founded by a team of professionals who have been collaborating with enthusiasm for almost a decade and with a consolidated experience in the instrumental physical therapy sector.

The group consists of two companies covering the technical-production area (WHTcare SA) and the international development area (WINTECARE SA) respectively.

Wintecare technologies stem from the consolidated experience as a certified manufacturer of electromedical equipment associated with a soul oriented to research and development which is carried out in collaboration with international universities and certified laboratories.

This complementarity is enriched by the contribution of an intercontinental team of rehabilitation and performance specialists coordinated by our CONTENT MANAGEMENT department who collaborate to create new know-how.

Sporting events, workshops and scheduled congresses throughout the year act as a “live” bridge to a specialized and active altar network that stays in touch also through our online channels.

World leader in assisting athletes during the main international athletics events, WINTECARE attends the most relevant meetings up to world championships and Olympic games to provide continuous assistance to athletes and teams with the aim of collecting useful data and case reports for the development, consolidation and improvement of the application protocols of its technologies.

This great value is then transferred to new aspiring specialists through training courses and focus groups structured by topic.

Every week our calendar is full of events that take place all over Europe which are associated with streaming seminars that help the community of WINTECARE specialists to stay up to date with the creation of new know-how.

Buying a Wintecare product does not only mean accessing excellent technology, it also means having access to a constantly evolving community, rich in scientific content and new development ideas. Being a WINTECARE specialist means acquiring knowledge, participating in international events, having access to the best innovations in the sector and contributing to the development of physical therapy in the world.

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