Transforms electromagnetic energy into high efficiency focal vibration.
It is an indispensable tool for those who want to obtain fast results on pain and motor control.

How it works

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The human body is composed of a series of complex systems that control, measure, implement, inhibit and regulate its functioning. The nervous system associated with the skeletal muscle system make up the complex of neuromuscular interactions that occur during movement, body stabilization and proprioception.

As for a car with which you travel, where the car undergoes normal wear and tear, when a person performs physical activity, he consumes energy and wears part of the tissues of his body.

Regeneration and recovery are therefore fundamental objectives for any type of sports treatment and these processes impact both on the state of health of the tissues and on the ability of the nervous system to repeat the effort.

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Returning to the car analogy, when it is not used for a long time or after having replaced a mechanical part, it is good practice to carry out a test before using it regularly. In fact, a discharged battery, a misplaced gear or a control unit not aligned with the new condition of use could lead to more serious problems.

This is also true for the human body: after a period of sedentary life or after an operation that has forced us not to move a certain part of the body for a certain period of time, the resulting biomechanical conditions render motor activity more difficult, less efficient and even more risky. Rehabilitation is one of the most used words in physiotherapy and orthopedics and has often a lot to do with the ability of the central nervous system to control movement.

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Having a healthy engine is as important as having an efficient electronic control unit capable of managing its power.
A specialist who wants to give a complete therapeutic response to his patients will necessarily have to deal with the neuromuscular system and equip himself with the necessary tools to stimulate this system in the appropriate direction to speed up therapeutic times.

Wintecare V-Plus

A short research on Pubmed is enough to realize that focal vibration is acquiring a very important role in the field of therapeutic stimuli addressed to the neuromuscular system. From the year 2000 onwards, over 50 articles that speak of motor control, strength, pain, performance, osteoporosis, endocrine effects, change of plasticity of the central nervous system through the use of these tools,  have been published by international authors.

With these assumptions, after carrying out an in-depth analysis of the available scientific bibliography and having tested various technological solutions, WINTECARE has developed V-Plus: the best possible solution for those interested in developing their own rehabilitation and performance activities through a tool able to have significant effects on the neuromuscular system.

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With a generator weighing less than 4 kg, 6 independent silenced transducers with adjustable frequency 30-300 Hz, a force that can exceed 50% of the most powerful devices in the same category and an amplitude capable of stimulating all the main body mechano receptors, V-Plus represents the state of the art of focal vibration which responds perfectly to the application protocols documented by scientific literature regarding focal vibration in all its fields of use.

The areas of use range from pain to support to sports performance up to post stroke or post trauma rehabilitation. The tool ability to transmit effective stimuli to the central nervous system makes it a perfect ally for both stand-alone therapies and in combination with other complementary tools such as energy transfer.

The best way to describe V-PLUS is through its strengths…


It meets all requirements dictated by the protocols defined by the scientific studies published in impact factor journals that deal with pain therapy, osteoporosis, adipogenesis, geriatrics, bone regeneration, motor control, sports performance, post-surgical rehabilitation.


Unlike other focal vibration instruments, V-Plus is able to modulate the pressure force from a few grams up to over 50% more of the most powerful devices belonging to the same category. At the same time, an amplitude of the vibratory oscillation between 1 cm and 2 mm is guaranteed depending on the frequency used.


V-Plus has been tested for the entire range of applicable frequencies and guarantees a constant pressure force at all frequencies that can be modulated from 30 to 300 Hz. The possibility of reducing the pressure force to a few grams allows the application of the instrument even on delicate areas of the body such as areas of the skull and the cervical spine up to opening new possibilities in the diagnostic field.


The system with 6 independent actuators allows maximum flexibility in setting treatment programs. V-Plus is able to respond to all elective protocols for this type of technology and at the same time allows you to adapt treatments to your patient’s feedback. The two modes, manual and automatic, can be selected independently for each actuator which in turn can work at independent frequencies and intensities. The exclusive interval and phase mode, that can be activated and deactivated according to therapeutic needs, allow you to reduce the phenomenon of sensory adaptation and to apply the instrument to agonist and antagonist muscles simultaneously with benefit for therapeutic times and for the areas of application.


The generator weighs less than 3 kg and each actuator has been designed to have optimal weight facilitating manual application. Optimal characteristic if we consider that instruments belonging to the same category have an average weight of over 40 kg.


Not only the V-Plus weight but also its size make it suitable to be carried around as hand luggage. The modularity of the transducers also allows you to decide when and if you need to have all the actuators with you or if it is sufficient to use a smaller number of channels.


The man-machine-interface is easy to understand and read and the keyboard contains the most useful commands to access all functions with the least possible number of actions while respecting maximum safety for patient and operator.


The instrument distinctive set of features make it unique in the world: it in fact contains the necessary characteristics to respond to acknowledged protocols without giving up treatment personalization, a fundamental value for those who want to stand out for excellence in results.


Given the exceptional innovation of the V-Plus it was granted the patent registration in Switzerland.

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