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WINTECARE diathermic fibrolysers are the key ally in physical therapy 

One of the most common questions we get in our courses is “is a tecar treatment effective in case of fibrosis or scar tissue?” The answer to the question lies in the ability to increase the temperature of the tissues in a targeted and fast way. Diathermic fibrolysers are the key.

Anyone who knows the effects of temperature on body tissue certainly knows that a change of a few degrees centigrade on a sufficient amount of tissue triggers a circulatory response associated with a change in the viscoelasticity of the affected tissue.

Weak molecular bonds become easier to dissolve and the perception of mechanoreceptors is reduced.

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On the other hand, those used to treating scars and adhesions know that mechanical friction plays an equally important role. Sometimes even manual application is not enough. For this reason, fibrolysis has taken hold over time.

This technique provides for the application of special metal tips to the patient’s skin in correspondence with fibrosis or adhesions with the aim of “filling” the tissue adhered in a non-functional way to other surrounding tissue. A typical example is the adherence of scar tissue resulting from a cesary with deep abdominal fascial tissue.

These conditions of adherence can generate imbalances and pain up to a negative impact on posture.

How does all this relate to the concept of diathermic fibrolysis and why diathermic fibrolysers are the key ally for a physical therapist?

By combining targeted and fast thermal increases with the friction typical of fibrolysis. Results on adhesions and fibrosis are accessible in less time and with less discomfort for the patient.

The thermal increase generated by the T-Plus fibrolyser in contact with the skin changes the viscoelasticity of the surrounding tissue and the applicable friction thanks to the special shape of the electrode that guarantees the mechanical strength necessary to perform a targeted and effective fibrolysis.

The thermal increase makes the application easily tolerated by the patient who usually does not like fibrolysis due to the discomfort generated by the friction itself.

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WINTECARE diathermic fibrolysers are the perfect ally for those who want to stay one step ahead in the most complex treatments. 

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The diathermic fibrolysers are designed and developed for expert operators who already master the dynamic treatment mode.

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