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Bridging the gap, the new goal in performance

"Bridging the Gap" was the main claim of the conference held in Wroclaw, where more than 150 among physiotherapist and strengthening coaches gathered to discuss about how to improve the cooperation between the different professionals who works for the athlete performance improvement.

Performance Physiotherapy is the new frontier of the physical therapist role where the integration among the different aspects of the athlete career cycle are strictly interconnected. WINTECARE specialists were invited to lecture in front of the audience about how to deal with muscle injury when the problem occur right before a major competition.

Among the main findings, communication and collaboration between the coach and the therapist resulted of paramount importance especially when you need to accelerate good results. @Simone.collio made an outstanding presentation among some of the most important guru in athletics.

Special thanks to coach Randy Huntington for mentioning our T-Plus in his presentation about his work with the Chinese athletic team particularly focused on Mr Su Bingtian.
What an amazing expertise !