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We strongly believe people can make the difference and in order to do that, knowledge and right tools are fundamental requirements.

Medical devices are powerful tools in the hands of healthcare professionals. Our seminars ensure you learn how to get the full potential out of yours to improve treatment results.
Get new insights on how to combine different technologies and your knowledge to make a real difference .

We provide training on rehabilitation, performance, and body conditioning, so you can improve your skills, results, and business. Find out more about the dates of our training seminars in 2020 or make a booking by contacting
Our core products, developed with passion and experience.

Tecar Technology

T-PLUS represents the state-of-the-art in tecar technology.

The device mobilizes electrolytes in biological tissue, and stimulates blood perfusion in carefully targeted parts of the body. The therapist can increase and control important body responses, achieving great results in terms of biomechanics, inflammatory process management, tissue oxygenation, regeneration and healing process support.
The therapist uses T-Plus to quickly stimulate perfusion, vasodilation, temperature variation and drainage within selected tissue. These leverages are used to get effective results in less time.
By controlling the applied voltage, the therapist can control the power generated and the electrolytes mobilized. The more electrolytes mobilized, the more perfusion and joules are developed within the tissue.
In capacitive mode, the charging and discharging cycles of the capacitor induce an attraction - and therefore a concentration - of polarized minerals towards the dielectric material of the capacitive electrode. In resistive mode, there is an attraction – and therefore a concentration – of polarized minerals towards the resistive tissue in the body: bones and other hard structures such as ligaments and tendons. Changing mineral concentration in selected areas of the body triggers complex cellular responses based on the membrane potential threshold mechanisms which, in turn, result in physiological effects such as perfusion, vasodilation, temperature increase and fluid movements.

Active Cosmetics

Muscle stiffness, vasoconstriction, lymphatic ganglia overload, hypoxic tissue all present obstacles to the therapist and their treatment objectives.

We have developed a full range of tools carefully designed to stimulate the body responses required to reach your objectives, supporting and completing your existing treatment programs.

All of our products have cleared allergy tests and are paraben free.


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