You don’t need to be a professional athlete to be a sports lover. Many people enjoy it because it brings us closer to our instincts while improving our physical performance. Unlike other disciplines, sports training techniques are becoming increasingly scientifically sophisticated, with a myriad of new technologies on the horizon, and just as many already on the market. We are all looking for the best solution, but choosing the right one is becoming ever more difficult.
In the world of professional sport, the answer does not lie in one particular technology, but rather in healthcare professionals’ ability to combine the right tools to reach the specific objectives laid out in clients’ training programs.
Improving marathon finishing times, building strength or explosiveness are achievable objectives if you know the human body and the biomechanics behind its functioning.
For its performance work, WINTECARE develops and combines programs where the professional is equipped with the right tools to help the sportsperson – whether professional or amateur – give their training programs their all, with effective results for muscle recovery, flexibility, tissue oxygenation, and optimized muscle fiber recruitment.