Team Gut

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Lara Gut and her wonderful team.
Lara Gut has been a member of Team Gut since 2008, as well as being on the Swiss National Ski Team.
The team comprises Lara and her brother Ian, both skiers, her coach and father Pauli, her team manager and mother Gabriella, and skiing, physiotherapy and communication specialists.
This is something we have been involved with for a few years now and each member of this team helps us follow through a long-term project, entailing sharing of our technologies and application programmes specific for this sector.
We are always ready to support the team, who work constantly and with great commitment to ensure they are fully fit and ready to meet each new challenge.

“Every day I learn new things and discover other opportunities and I would not be who I am if they weren’t here.” -Lara Gut -

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