Resistive electrodes without cream

The new cream-free resistives complete the range associated with the T-Plus device for those who do not want to give up manual sensitivity during the application of energy transfer to the body. They are able to transfer large amounts of energy in all conditions. Ideal for applications that need to combine temperature increases with mobilization of the joint districts.


Energy transfer is a powerful tool capable of generating useful reactions for therapeutic purposes which are all the more useful when combined with a manual action. Over the years we have become accustomed to the idea that it was always necessary to apply a conductive cream before applying any type of energy transfer.

WINTECARE’s recent innovations have shown that some instruments are able to guarantee excellent performance even without the use of conductive cream. The coating of the T-Plus capacitive electrodes and the new metal processes used for the cream-free resistive electrodes belong to this line of innovations.

From today it is possible to apply energy transfer also in all clinical conditions in which the manual maneuvers necessary for therapy imply a sensitivity and friction on the skin that would make the use of a cream inconvenient.

Think, for example, of all the traction and detachment maneuvers that the therapist is often called upon to perform on a patient suffering from painful myofascial syndrome or in any other case in which the grip on the body becomes fundamental to conduct therapy.

Elettrodi Resistivi Senza Crema

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