Hyperthermic capacitive electrodes

With a brand new coating material used exclusively by WINTECARE, these electrodes amplify the electrical capacity of the body and guarantee perfectly calibrated impedance to:

  • double the efficiency in terms of developed power: a certain amount of voltage corresponds to twice the power that can be generated with evident time saving for those who are applying the therapy.
  • achieve a well-insulated capacitive effect in order to increase the precision of the action on soft tissues with a deep, fast action and without “thermographic smudging”
  • guarantee much more controllable and deep temperature increases
  • be used and be highly effective even WITHOUT conductive cream


This type of electrodes allow you to “generate” an electromagnetic field in the tissues, indirectly exploiting that generated by the equipment, and acting on the electrolytic properties of the tissues to which it is applied. Unlike the resistive electrodes, which transfer the electromagnetic field directly to the tissues, these electrodes allow you to concentrate the effects close to the electrode itself.

The direction of the charges mobilized by the application of the instrument through these electrodes and the distribution of energy densities are very different compared to what occurs through the resistive electrodes. The most evident result is that of concentrating most of the thermal effects in the vicinity of the electrode. Recent studies published in impact factor journals show that their effect also affects portions of the deep tissue even close to the electrode.

For these electrodes too, shape, position, and size play a very important role in offering the therapist the opportunity to control where to store the greatest amount of energy. In particular for these electrodes, the materials used for their armour and insulation from the body, the so-called coating materials, represent an exceptional lever for amplifying and controlling the power supplied by the generator. T-PLUS is the only energy transfer device in the world able to function perfectly even without the use of conductive cream in capacitive mode.

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