Enhanced hypothermic electrode

With the enhanced hypothermic capacitive electrodes, T-Plus allows you to increase the amount of energy transferred without significantly increasing the temperature of the tissues. The result is greater metabolic stimulus that accelerates the veno-lymphatic microcirculation without having potentially contraindicated repercussions for clinical cases during acute inflammation.


Those who have experience in the field of tecar or tecartherapy know that there are many clinical conditions that require application of energy transfer without this significantly increasing the temperature of the tissue. The example par excellence is the case in which a tissue affected by acute inflammation is being treated after a recent trauma, as it could be for an ankle sprain. In this case the accumulation of liquids, endogenous increase in the temperature of the area, pain, are all natural reactions to the event which are at the same time cause and effect of a healing process that is taking place in the tissue.

Can energy transfer be useful in this case? The answer is: it depends. If we are able to favor the drainage of excess liquids without increasing the temperature of the tissue or even accelerating its ability to control it independently, the answer becomes affirmative.

Enhanced hypothermic electrode

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