Cables for fixed plates mode

The special WINTECARE cables compatible with the T-Plus device are developed to allow the use of “fixed” plates guaranteeing firm positioning throughout the treatment and thus preventing the energy transfer to be influenced by position variations of the electrodes. The special cables check the current flow does not exceed the safety threshold for fixed applications ensuring a safe and pleasant treatment.

This mode can be applied similarly to combine energy transfer with an active movement of the patient controlled by the therapist, for example simulating a gesture that replicates the biomechanical conditions typical of an amateur athlete or worker with specific environmental conditions.


Combining the effects of energy transfer with manual therapy is the main form of work of a therapist who correctly interprets an instrument of this type; however, there are clinical conditions in which static is a value.

When carrying out an orthopedic manual therapy treatment, the variables that can influence the outcome of the treatment are manifold: patient’s weight, his hydration level, fat percentage and lean mass, responsiveness of the circulatory and nervous systems, diet, aptitude for rehabilitation, discipline, etc.

A good therapist is used to managing these variables and as his experience increases his control skills improve. When we introduce a physical therapy instrument into the treatment, one of the elements to be monitored is the amount of energy that we are transferring to the tissues, although surprisingly some equipment is unable to perform such measurements.

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On the contrary, with the T-Plus device, the therapist can always check the energy levels actually absorbed by the tissue and keep them monitored throughout the therapeutic process. In some situations this possibility becomes a necessity as in all cases in which the tissue to be treated is damaged or affected by chronic degeneration. In such cases where it is possible to define precise quantities of energy that we could define as “energy doses”, it is essential to be able to isolate as many variables as possible to be sure that the “therapeutic dose” of energy is transferred to the tissue that actually needs it in order to activate the related repair processes.

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