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Seminar on the application of Wintecare’s tecar technology in cases of low back pain and neck pain

The growing interest in Wintecare’s tecar technology, which often takes us around the world for presentations, exhibitions and seminars, has its origins in the Ticino area. In our region, more and more professionals in the sector approach instrumental therapy in the treatment of disorders such as joint insufficiency, rotator cuff syndrome, cervical and lumbar arthrosis, tendinitis and tenosynovitis, muscular diseases, plantar fasciitis and many others related to the musculoskeletal system and in post-surgical treatment.

To meet the growing demand for skills in using our technology, we organised a seminar at our headquarters in Chiasso, with the collaboration of our Swiss business partner MTR Medical, with the aim of presenting WINTECARE to physiotherapists, to introduce them to the application programs and the operating principles of our T-Plus tecar technology.

During the seminar, there was a long discussion on the relationships between inflammation and reparative processes, on microcirculatory tissue responses, on associations between technologies and manual techniques, paying particular attention to the hands-on side, to better understand the treatment strategies in different fields, both therapeutic and non-therapeutic.

In order to achieve therapeutic objectives efficiently, it is necessary to acquire the right knowledge and have the right tools. This is one of the main reasons prompting us to continue investing in the communication and transfer of our know-how to motivated specialists who want to integrate their knowledge with the specific use of our tecar technology.

We would like to thank all the participants and in particular our partner MTR Medical, who allows us to achieve ongoing expansion in our region.