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Monaco is a point of reference for many international events. The F1 circuit passes right by the front of the Fairmont Hotel, where Wintecare sports specialists offered support to athletes at Herculis. Having a large and comfortable room without outside disturbances is extremely useful when working with athletes at such a high level. Focus is a key determining factor.
It is hard to achieve the optimum level of comfort when there are dozens of athletes coming in and out of the treatment room. The most important thing is helping the athletes to reach an ideal condition to allow them to compete at 101% in a perfect physical and mental state. A sport specialist must take both of these aspects into account.

We are delighted to congratulate with these champions: Thebe Baboloki, 3rd in the 400m; Elijah Motonei Manangoi, 1st in the 1500m; Emmanuel Kipkurui Korir, 1st in the 800m; Francine Niyonsaba, 2nd in the 800m; Isiah Young, 2nd in the 100m; Kyra Jefferson, 2nd in the 200m; Shamier Little, 2nd in the 400m hurdle; Marie-Josée Ta Lou, 1st in the 200m; Brandon Mcbride, 2nd in the 800m and Sharika Nelvis, 2nd in the 100m hurdle.

We wish to thank Herculis and Nike for hosting us and our congratulations also go to the Rosa group for the performance of all of its athletes.

Francesco, Basilio, Javier… well done for your hard work!!! You’re a tough bunch!!!