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Erblira Bici and the tecar T-Plus technology

During our exciting mission to Albania, where we had the pleasure of meeting almost one hundred physiotherapists, doctors and industry professionals, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the Wintecare application programmes in the world of professional sport.
And who could be better than Erblira Bici when it comes to finding the ultimate Wintecare testimonial?!
Erblira is a professional volleyball player who is a regular first team member of the Albanian women’s national team which recently qualified for the European League. Her famous spikes have made her a household name in her homeland, but she is also a favourite in Italy, where she has just completed two golden seasons playing in the Mondovଠteam.    
Our specialist Gabriele Bertelli treated this excellent, charming athlete with T-Plus tecar technology during the national match against Georgia.
Whether it’s a case of muscular recovery, a pre-match activation or a strain, Wintecare ensures that the physiotherapists who use its technologies and application programmes obtain rapid results with instantly perceivable benefits for the athletes.
Immediately after the treatment, Erblira’s smile was all the confirmation we needed of the excellent benefits offered by Wintecare to the professional sporting world.
Thanks Erblira, and best of luck for the new season!