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WINTECARE & LBA: a new partnership for the 2018-2019 season

Talent, commitment, the perfect knowledge of the game scheme and the perfect harmony with your teammates … The satisfaction felt for a result reached together and the cohesion to react even when you’ve to overturn your score. That’s basketball! A great sport to watch, live and play. It is made of tight rhythms, show, physicality and technique.

What better occasion of the Zurich Connect Supercoppa 2018, at the new PalaLeonessa, to make official the collaboration with the Lega Basket Serie A in association with the Marathon Center of Brescia. Backpacker and T-Plus in hand, our team had a deepened exchange of views with the best teams of the basketball Italian A1 series: the Fiat Torino, the Aquila Basket Trento, the Armani Exchange Milan and the Germani
Brescia. Interfacing with the medical specialists of high-level teams gives us great from excellent food for thought especially regarding the organizational aspects to be taken into account when developing personalized treatment programs.

Our first "basket" was to overcome the idea that all the tecar device types are the same. The power, the energy distribution, the materials, the contact surfaces make a huge difference when you have to work with a group of athletes over 2 meters in height. During the workshop we had the pleasure of answering questions about the organization of treatments within complex organizations, the differences between devices and their implications on their effects, the ideal treatment programs, the integration of the tecar technology with other tools and its utility in the day-to-day training of a Serie A team.

The project with the LBA has finally left! A long year of hard work and great satisfaction waits us.