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It’s great travelling the world but, every once in a while, it’s nice to play at home too.
Compared to the usual away games, Lausanne is just around the corner for the WINTECARE team.
This time not only is the technology Swiss, but so is our specialist.
The climate of Lake Lausanne brought good luck to the athletes who spent three intense days here undergoing treatments.
We never congratulate ourselves enough with these champions: Wayde Van Niekerk, 1st in the 400m; Thebe Baboloki, 2nd in the 400m; Francine Nyonsamba, 1st in the 800m; Marie-Josée Ta Lou, 2nd in the 200m; Justin Gatlin, 1st in the 100m; Ben Youssef Meite, 2nd in the 100m; Akani Sambine, 3rd in the 100m; Christian Taylor, 2nd in the triple jump; Will Clay, 3rd in the triple jump.

For the purposes of our in-house research on the correlation between therapeutic procedures and the feeling perceived by the athlete, we divide our treatments into four macro categories: Anti Jet Lag, Muscle Recovery, Pre-race activation, Local rehabilitation.
The work varies depending on the speciality, the time available, the athlete’s schedule and the time remaining until the race.
It’s not about applying a particular technology… It’s about designing a treatment program that is best suited to the needs of each of our athletes. Every event is an amazing learning opportunity.

Special thanks go to the Rosa group for helping us organise the event and congratulations on the great results achieved by their athletes in the race.