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Wintecare at the LBA Final Eight Conference 2019: "Basketball and medicine, experiences and projects".

In the sports field, the personalization of the rehabilitation program is even more important for minimizing recovery times .

How is it possibile to combine this need with the objectification of treatment data?

In collaboration with LBA , our performance specialist Simone Collio has recently presented a case report for the Final Eight of basketball in front of an extremely competent audience of sports doctors, orthopedists and professionals of the sector. In addition, to highlighting extraordinary clinical results, he has given a credible response to the trade off between subjectivity and objectivity.
The decomposition of the staged treatment, a detailed analysis of the quantities of transferred joules, the volumes of tissue involved and the actual application times made it possible to identify a method for defining repeatable and objective treatment programs.

This is the basis of a broader and more ambitious meta-analysis project of the relationship that exists between the instruments of physical therapy and therapeutic results.