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For injuries, post-surgery care, inflammation or straightforward muscular and osteoarticular pain, tecar devices offer unrivalled support for the body’s natural healing processes. Versatility in its application makes the T-plus quite useful even for treating and managing the symptoms of arthrosis, arthritis, and other pathologies which undermine the proper functioning of musculoskeletal structures.
Inflammation, pain, metabolism, the immune system’s response, excess liquid accumulation, localised fat, joint health and bone strength are all factors deeply intertwined with hemolymph circulation.
The oxygen which tissues need to produce energy, the lymph which carries nourishment throughout the body, and the interstitial liquid which contains the necessary compounds for an infinite list of biological processes are all connected to the circulatory system.
A tecar tool capable of safely, quickly and deeply acting upon this system is an incredibly useful weapon for rehabilitative medicine and any other field requiring high levels of performance (such as amateur and professional sports, theatre and on-the-job tasks).

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