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What could a person involved in physiotherapy have to do with aesthetic treatments?

To understand what physio-aesthetics is and what treatments a physiotherapist can offer, we must immediately point out that, if we are talking about the use of miraculous creams and devices, probably the answer is that we are not in a physiotherapy center. If, on the other hand, by physio-aesthetic treatment we mean the therapeutic actions that can be carried out to favor:

  • elasticity of the dermis
  • balanced muscle tone
  • increased micro-circulation
  • efficiency of the lymphatic system

probably the answer is VERY MUCH and it is precisely for this reason that in this last period we hear so much about physio-aesthetics or dermato-functional physiotherapy.

Why should a physiotherapist be interested in including physio-aesthetic treatments?

Once you understand what physiotherapy is and what treatments a physiotherapist can offer, the answer to this question is very simple. There are millions of people sensitive to aesthetic needs to which a specialist with expertise in physiotherapy can respond in an effective, credible, profitable and scientific way.

It is possible that you are thinking that dealing with cellulite, wrinkles and localized fat can detract from your work, but before abandoning the idea, let’s analyze the facts for a moment by taking the example of one of the most requested services in the world of aesthetics. : treating cellulite.

Cos’è la fisioestetica e che trattamenti può offrire un fisioterapista?

Regarding this “imperfection” there are 3 points on which it is worth paying attention:

  1. If we wanted to be sophisticated we could call it “gynoid lipodystrophy” and we could say that it has to do with: micro-circulatory stasis, abnormal conformation of lipocytes and fibrosis which are topics more familiar to a physiotherapist rather than a beautician ;
  2. On average, a treatment to combat cellulite has a margin of 50% higher than a standard rehabilitation treatment;
  3. Two out of five women are potentially interested in this topic and are available to evaluate a solution for this type of imperfection.

The birth of the term “physioaesthetics” is in itself an indication of the fact that the world of physiotherapy is already broadening its views towards this topic. We prefer to call this area BODY CONDITIONING.

Warning, we are not suggesting that you throw yourself headlong into this area. It would be a hasty choice at least, without having a precise strategy in mind; however, you might consider leveraging your anatomy and physiology skills to “fill in” the gaps that occasionally appear in the appointment card with high margin, low risk treatments.

The physiotherapist struggling with physio-aesthetics: the three steps to take before starting to run

If you have decided to expand your services in this area, make sure that you:

  1. Identify the areas of “physical aesthetics” in which the skills you have accumulated so far, as a physiotherapist, can give you an edge over those who offer similar services in your area. Cellulite and localized fat could become two of your strong points as they are closely linked to familiar aspects: metabolism and peripheral circulation.
  2. Deepening the reactions necessary to the body to counter and solve the aesthetic problem you want to face: something that stimulates circulation and something that acts on muscle tone / trophism should be the starting points.
  3. Understanding what kind of tool you need to stimulate those reactions in a deep, widespread and in the shortest time possible.

The key to success as a physiotherapist with physio-aesthetic treatments

Only real and lasting results can allow you to create your operational space in this area. Offering “seductive” services on paper that do not meet the promises made, risks being a “boomerang” not only for the extension of your services, but also for the credibility of your consolidated activities.

Trattamento rughe con macchinario tecar T-Plus

Technology doesn’t mean result, not even in the aesthetic field

“Captivating” names of futuristic therapies placed on the window of a center can give some advantage in the short term, but if at some point the people who undergo the treatments do not perceive a result that satisfies them, the advantage will not last over time.

The technologies employ different methods to achieve similar goals: moving liquids, stimulating peripheral circulation, stimulating the tissue to increase metabolic activity. There is no device that miraculously resolves cellulite or wrinkles … But there are devices that stimulate endogenous responses that can be very useful for the solution of almost any type of imperfection.

The efficient choice to improve the margins of treatments in physio-aesthetics

Instead of spending a lot of resources on different machinery that you will then have to amortize, well identify the areas in which you want to be successful and select a maximum of 2 tools that can help you in this regard. If you choose well, you can use these tools to provide a broad spectrum of effective services. This will allow you to rationalize costs while increasing your income with heterogeneous services.

The endogenous responses that you need to stimulate at the circulatory level in a physio-aesthetic treatment:

  1. Increase in blood perfusion and micro-circulation to interrupt the circulatory stasis that generates the most common imperfections;
  2. Drainage of excess interstitial fluids;
  3. Deep tissue temperature increases to bring back the physiological temperature in areas where abundant localized fat alters the internal temperature thus slowing down the local metabolism at the neuromuscular level;
  4. Increased muscle tone to shape the body.

Among the various technologies that you will need to have available, carefully evaluate the Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer (tecar at 0.5Mhz) to stimulate the first three endogenous responses on the list. There are several bibliographical references that demonstrate how this tool is able to stimulate such responses. In choosing the instrument, pay attention to the depth, extent and extent of the stimulated endogenous responses that will depend on the characteristics of the instrument in terms of power, current and modulation of the stimulus. The key is to understand which tools in particular are able to generate the reactions you need on a deep level, in the shortest possible time, in a pleasant and lasting way.

As for the increase in muscle tone, consider inserting a high-frequency focal vibration instrument in your studio. There are several studies that link this type of technology with abdominal contour, motor control and muscle tone-trophism.

Put into practice a tecar treatment in the physio-aesthetic field

Once you understand what physio-aesthetics is and what the potential value of the treatments that a physiotherapist can offer as a service to their patients is, you have to put things into practice! For this reason we have prepared for you a small example of how to manage a cellulite treatment with a tecar tool. Fill out the form below and you will receive it for free via email.

trattamento cellulite con tecar

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