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What are the advantages of having a T-plus?

Like all established technology, tecar also comes in various models and brands which, despite belonging to the same product family, have rather different characteristics and performance capabilities. The T-Plus tecar device from WINTECARE ® stands out for its power, depth, speed and precision. Its patented generator, unique mechanics and the materials used for the electrodes that quickly and safely transfer an electrical signal to the body’s tissues make all the difference, as they are elements which transform treatments with this tool into pleasurable, effective experiences. Being the only tecar device in the world with a capacitive mode enabling it to be used without conductive cream, the T-Plus guarantees unrivalled application possibilities and comfort. For example, those who use myofascial techniques to improve muscle flexibility and extensibility will find the T-Plus to be an extremely useful tool in support of therapeutic results. The T-plus’s cream-free capacitive mode also has incredible benefits for the post-muscle-injury care processes.

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