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We send our heartfelt congratulations to Manchester City, who not only dominated the world’s most popular derby but have also taken a step forward in the Champions League, qualifying first in their group and going through to the final 16.
Working side by side with the team as a supplier, providing physiotherapy services and equipment, is a project which requires close collaboration between our team of specialists and the club medical team. This invaluable exchange of information is essential in making rehabilitation projects even more efficient and effective and improving the team’s sporting performance. Team dynamics, being able to combine multiple tools, smart organisation and a diligent focus on results each have an enormous impact on defining fitness programmes. Each player follows his own plan, which is defined by the group he belongs to, his objectives, his physical condition, the stage of the season, his frequency of play and workload, all of which must in turn be coordinated with the team objectives.
In an environment where everything is planned “down to the minuteâ”, designing a complete, yet flexible programme is a daunting challenge. However, it’s achievable thanks to weekly contact with the team, made possible with new communications and smart working tools such as G Suite and Workplace.