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Once again, another fascinating Wintecare formative moment on Cyprus!

We returned last week to Cyprus for a new training course developed for sector professionals who have chosen or who are choosing T-Plus as an important aid in their work. The large turnout, organised by Medlab, strengthened our presence in the region and gave us the opportunity to explain how to integrate a tool like T-Plus into each specific field of application, thereby emphasising its real benefits.

The course was led by our Claudio Freti, who presented the world of Wintecare and provided technical information on the operating principles behind our proprietary tecar (or CRET) technology and the many related advantages, including that of being able to make their businesses even more efficient, reaching pre-set therapeutic objectives in less time. After an initial part, covering the technical basics, the course moved onto various practical demonstrations of our treatment programmes.

All of this was made possible by the help from our long-term specialist, Basilio, and the two new technical trainers on the island, Panayiotis Pavlikkas and Menelaos Kapsosideris. Everyone contributed to training the participants, simulating one or more clinical cases and sharing various treatment strategies in order to help contextualise the lessons from the theoretical part of the course.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for attending and our partner, Medlab, for the excellent organisation and management of the event and we cannot wait to return and meet new professionals working in the sector.