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Thiago Braz da Silva

5.90: this is getting serious!

At times all you need to do is free the mind of pressing goals, concentrate solely on the job in hand and, when you raise your head, you realise you are closer to your objective than you have ever been before!

Watching competitive pole vaulting makes you realise just how technically complex this sport is. Not so obvious on the other hand is the sheer amount of hard training that goes into simply carrying out the vault: sand pit training, floor exercises, exhausting core stability exercises, sprint drills, running and then technique, technique, technique… All teamed with the skills acquired in years of experience.

How can you prevent a muscle problem wiping out all your hard work? How can you increase your probabilities of maintaining optimum physical fitness for the time needed to achieve your goal in terms of performance?

If it were easy, you would have no need of us.