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Muscle tone, cellulite, wrinkles and fat metabolism are all closely linked to the circulatory system. Acting quickly and deeply with stimuli aimed at blood perfusion, body temperature, vasodilation and drainage is useful for virtually all body conditioning programmes.
Often related to venous insufficiency, gynoid lipodystrophy (more commonly known as cellulite) is a pathology which unfolds over multiple stages depending on the fibrosis and lack of permeability generated within the body’s tissues, resulting in accumulated liquids and lipocyte enlargement . Treatments aimed at improving tissue permeability, vascularising the deepest parts of the skin and draining accumulated liquids can produce evident, long-lasting results in just a few weeks.
The visual impact of a muscular group depends on both tone (the muscular state at rest) and trophism (muscle mass).
Treatments which increase blood, oxygen and nutrient circulation before training, drain catabolites after exertion and increase the efficiency of neuromuscular communication form the foundation of an effective body conditioning programme.
Wrinkles are physiologically linked to the skin’s natural aging process. Continually subjected to stress and aggressive external agents, the dermis can lose its elasticity and blood supply. Over time, fibrotic tissue in the skin replaces functional tissue.
Through treatments aimed at increasing blood perfusion and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, this process can be controlled and, in certain cases, even reversed.