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Wintecare presents its T-Plus tecar technology at the Italo-Albanian Salus hospital in Tirana

In a world in which people are increasingly focused on taking care of themselves, their health and physical wellbeing, the professionals in our industry need to remain constantly up to date when it comes to the latest cutting edge technologies and application techniques required to meet their patients’ requests.

This time, the growing interest in instrumental physiotherapy has brought us to Albania, an emerging country in which the number of graduates and specialists in the rehabilitation and sports medicine sector is continuously rising.

The two-day training event was organised at the “Salus Tiranaâ”private hospital facility, thanks to the efforts of Ervin Kapaj, physiotherapist and owner of a renowned local physiotherapy centre. The facility, which originally opened in Trieste, relies on Italian and Albanian staff with Italian training. It upholds international clinical standards, using sophisticated operating techniques that ensure respect for the patient, and has a full range of the most state-of-the-art instruments.

During the seminars, explanations were provided on the general principles behind our T-Plus tecar technology and some of our application programmes for treating hip pain, lower back pain and neck pain. During our workshops, to reinforce the theoretical part of the training in context, we presented a number of clinical case studies and suggested possible treatment strategies for combined use with the T-Plus. In general, in any case, the treatment programme must always be devised in line with the requirements of the individual patient, based on their diagnosis, history and response and on the doctor’s feedback on the results of the different phases of the programme.

About one hundred participants filled the rooms provided for the event, showing a high level of interest and curiosity about the topics discussed. At the end of the day, we also spoke about performances and applying technology to the recovery and muscular activation of professional athletes. We were also given the possibility to get closer to the world of volleyball, by treating Erblira Bici, a player of the Albanian national volleyball team.

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