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Special undercover operation at the 2018 Rome DL meet

We did our best to give our team a bit of a breather, but in the end we couldn’t help but support the great athletes who contacted us from all around the world asking for WINTECARE to be present in Rome at the athletics meet that once again pit track and field superstars against each other at the Stadio Olimpico.
Although the official event organisation was impeccable, with all the best services available, some champions considered the presence of a WINTECARE specialist for their personal benefit indispensable. In spite of the short notice, Gabriele Bertelli answered the call and headed to Rome on the first available train.
In addition to expertise, passion and experience, sometimes quick reflexes are also needed 🙂

A victory, a personal best or any other result cannot be put down to a single factor, even less so to a one-off treatment. In any case, we are flattered that performers of this level turn to us at such important moments.
A hug to Marie Josée Ta Lou, Yasmani Copello, Alessia Trost, Gil Roberts, Ronnie Baker, Yadisleidy Pedroso, Fred Kerley, Christian Coleman, Victoria Tkachuk and Juan Miguel Echevarría who came to the WINTECARE room for some pre-meet fine-tuning.