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Training course on cervicalgia at the Sant’Agostino clinic

The growing demand for updates on application programmes developed for the treatment of inflammation and pathologies of various kinds from physiotherapists who use T-Plus tecar technology alongside manual therapies took us once again to the Sant’Agostino clinic in Milan, for a specific training course on cervicalgia.

After a short introductory theory part on red flags, those alarm bells that should make therapists sit up and take notice, as in these cases therapy cannot be applied, we moved onto formulation of a treatment strategy following the points below:

  1. You always start with diagnosis in order to fully understand the patient’s problem;
  2. Then you carry out assessment tests;
  3. You view and identify the tissue and structure to be treated;
  4. You adapt the treatment to suit the kind of inflammation and time available.
    A good rule of thumb is to however put the patient’s problem in context, reconstructing it by finding out the underlying causes and the person’s lifestyle.

We then moved onto the practical part and, thanks to support from our specialist Joao Basilio Macedo, we looked at three different kinds of treatment in the case of a stiff neck (acute inflammation), cervical radiculopathy and chronic inflammation of the trapezius.

The physiotherapists at the clinic asked lots of technical questions and showed plenty of interest in our application programmes. Thanks to our training, physiotherapists become familiar with use of the device and acquire more information that helps them decide which treatment strategy is the most effective.

Satisfied with how the day went, we are now getting ready for our next meetings! Stay tuned!