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Running the Chicago marathon and beating the challenge!

Running has definitely become one of the most popular and most common sports in the world, practiced at both the amateur and professional levels. Everyone gives their own meaning to running. There are those who feel that it liberates them, those who see it as a way to escape the routine and the problems of daily life, and others for whom it is a challenge, pushing them to see how far beyond the limits they can go. But most people run because of the sense of physical well-being that they feel during and after the effort, a feeling that inspires them to surpass their own limits.

It’s a fact, running is becoming an enormous athletic phenomenon. Anyone who works in the health industry will have to take this new trend into consideration. Enormous opportunities and challenges are appearing on the horizon and it’s no coincidence that the best physical therapy centres in Europe have already begun to create tailor made services for this kind of need. PERFORMANCE is the new key word, and in this context WINTECARE T-Plus becomes an extraordinarily useful tool for any specialist in the field.

A record number of runners participated in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this year. According to the organisers, 44,571 daring athletes completed the marathon, setting a new record for the 41st edition of this race. As soon as our specialist, Hideyuki Shibatchi, received the call, he got on the first flight to Chicago, immediately offering support to the marathon runners with his T-Plus technology. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brigid Kosgei who, with a time of 2:18:35, took home the victory in one of the most famous marathons of the season, and to Mosinet Geremew Bayih who fought for the victory up until the final kilometre, earning himself an impressive second place.

Our tour of the major marathons continues…stay connected via our social media pages to find out which stop will be next!