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Meet Shane Rainbird

“My name is Shane Rainbird, I have been a sports therapist for the last 10 years.
Studied in the UK for 3 years before obtaining my diploma in Sports massage therapy. Worked in Durban in my own practice from 2008 as well as working with various rugby teams from youth, University and club rugby. Moved to Johannesburg in 2012 and set my practice up there.

Have had the amazing opportunity to work with Karen Mey and Charley Strohmenger in Turkey where I met Simone Collio. This was the first time I saw and got to use the Wintecare T-Plus machine. After that I knew I needed to bring this technology to South Africa.

In January 2018 I received my T-Plus and under the guidance of Simone I started my training on the T-Plus. From February 2018 I started out on my practice but still under the guidance of Simone Collio and Simone Luca Binda.

I now have the means to achieve the goals that I have set myself in my career, and that is to educate the youth on recovery, rehabilitation and belief in their abilities. Also to work on a higher level of athlete to help them achieve their goals.

My mentors, that I like to go to, are Dr Michael Anderson (chiropractor) and Simone Collio (physiotherapist and T-Plus specialist). I am now able to help my country with technology that is not always available.â”