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Beatriz Jiménez: the “pink quota” on Wintecare international technical committee of specialists.

Beatriz Jiménez is the “pink quotaâ” on our international technical committee of specialists. A former athlete and Spanish 60-metre junior champion, she describes herself as a dynamic, lively woman who likes to practise sport in the open air, such as hiking and running for example.

She tells us that working with the best elite athletes enriches her both professionally and personally and is a source of encouragement and stimulus for increasing her own knowledge and experience. Precisely for this reason, she has worked as a physiotherapist since 2005 in track and field and professional sport.

Her passion is sports physiotherapy and she collaborates with several national federations, specialising in manual therapy, soft tissue and general tendinopathies. Since 2016 she has lived in Monaco, where she works with the Club Monte Carlo International Sports.

She has been on the WINTECARE team right from the get-go, making her contribution to events such as the 2017 World Championships in Athletics in London and the Indoors in Birmingham.

Her aim has always been to understand her patients’ problem and solve it as quickly as possible; working with WINTECARE technology enables her to achieve this effectively and rapidly.