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A stone’s throw away from Tower Bridge, in a location that would put a 5 star spa to shame, is the next step on the journey for the athletes competing in the World Championships in London 2017.
One of the thrilling events of this series is London Stadium where Mo Farah ran the mile for the last time in a Diamond League event before his retirement from the track, which now looks likely to be after the World Championships this year in London.

Once again, top results for the athletes who visited the WINTECARE room, many of whom achieved season’s best results, such as Pedroso Yadisledy with season’s best in the 400m hurdle. We wish them the best of luck for their upcoming events. We’re pleased to mention: Aries Merrit, 1st in the 110m hurdle; Nijel Amos, 1st in the 800m; Isiah Young, 3rd in the 100m; Yasmani Copello, 3rd in the 400m hurdle.
August is almost here and training levels are reaching their peak, waiting to determine who will be World Champion in each of the individual specialities.

The ideal work programme divides the work into microcycle treatments which are organised during the event and then integrated into macrocycles during the course of the season.
By following a number of events at the same time, the specialist can define treatments to meet both short-term and long-term objectives and, in each successive meeting, can continue on with the work started in the previous one.