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‘Cause I’m back
Yes, I’m back
Well, I’m back
Yes, I’m back
Well, I’m back, back
(well) I’m back in black
Yes, I’m back in black

* â”Back in Blackâ” by AC/DC

It was great to be back in London, especially in all black, with our T-Plus!
The British capital was the starting block once again for the WINTECARE team and its elite performance programme.
Every detail counts. What techniques to use? What electrodes to apply? How much power? What is the proper placement? What endogenous response is induced? For how long?
Collecting clinical data in settings where fast results are required is a cornerstone of our innovation process.
That data is then integrated with the results of research conducted by independent organisations which support WINTECARE by scientifically measuring and describing the physiological reactions produced by the various types of technology we use. This approach lets us enrich our training courses with objective information and content.