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Levante UD medical services, directed by Dr Miguel Buil and his team of physiotherapists, search for the best tools to manage a safe and effective season for their players. From the point of view of therapy and performance, strategic work is important for aiming to achieve maximum injury prevention and recuperation from the strains the players are subjected to, from training, to a match, to the pressure and tension they undergo.

Dr Miguel Buil sees in WINTECARE’s T-Plus technology an innovative tool for performance and recuperation in sport at a vital musculoskeletal level. It is a non-invasive technology that can work and generate endogenous reactions in tissues safely, with the huge benefit of being able to apply it as many times as necessary on a player, whether to activate before a match, warm down and/or relax after a match, or for rapid recovery from an injury.

The T-Plus offers physiotherapists a tool that integrates the treatments they apply, and one that they can combine with their manual techniques. It allows them to generate reactions in both superficial and deep tissue, choosing the objective they want to achieve in a faster way and without causing the player pain, as well as accelerating the recovery process with effective, fast and stable results.