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Wintecare’s tecar technology lands in Cyprus

At Wintecare we firmly believe that, in order to obtain great therapeutic results, relying on first-rate technology is fundamental, but not sufficient.

The true key to success is found in the combination between the equipment used, the expertise of the highly trained therapist, and the use of applied programs specifically designed for each case being treated.

That’s why we invest a great deal in training and research, as well as in communicating with motivated specialists who have a desire to become a part of our world and thus learn how to integrate their own knowledge and experiences with the specific use of our tecar technology in order to obtain the best results in the least amount of time.

Our continuous and constant expansion has now brought us to Cyprus, an island of breathtaking landscapes, mild climate, and friendly people, where we were welcomed by our Cypriot partner, Medlab, to whom we extend our most heartfelt gratitude. Medlab is a company that has been operating in the medical sector for 14 years and that enjoys an excellent reputation on the market, thanks to public relations with extremely high level companies, in terms of both diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Thanks to our combined efforts, it was possible to meet with a large number of demanding physical therapists who were very interested in learning about the specific functions of the T-Plus and its major differences with other equipment present on the market. During the course of the seminar, held in this evocative Cypriot setting, we answered questions such as “What exactly is a tecar?â”, “What results can we expect to obtain with a top quality tecar device?â”, “What makes Wintecare’s the best Tecar device on the market?â”, and many more. Our spokesmen, Claudio Freti and Javier Gonzales Gorriz, conducted an informative workshop that made it possible to answer these and many other interesting questions.

We strongly believe that people can make a difference and that, to do so, knowledge and the proper instruments are fundamental requirements.

Thank you Yannis, thank you Medlab… We’ll see each other again soon!