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IX National Congress DMSA (Association of Doctors in Motor Sciences) 29-30 September 2018, Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park – Colà di Lazise. "What future for the third millennium kinesiologist?"

Wintecare presented a case study related to a muscle injury of a professional athlete who had to face the injury behind the most important race of the season: the European athletics championships in Berlin 2018.

The speaker, Simone Collio, has once again distinguished for competence, passion, and result orientation, presenting a cutting-edge application program consisting of the integration of several tools and exercises. It has been interesting to note that the stimulation support for proliferation and drainage accelerated through the T-Plus device are fundamental to allow the athlete to reach the final.

On the background of the workshop, current topics such as Medical Fitness and the new role of physiotherapy in the third millennium.

In a system that becomes more and more result-oriented through conservative therapy and in which the boundary between rehabilitation and performance becomes less and less clear, the T-Plus device with its characteristics of efficiency, efficacy and speed of stimulation has been extremely appreciated by participants. In addition to the technical aspects, several practical sessions alternated.

Fitness, Medical Fitness, Physiotherapy, Functional Training, Kinesiology, Indoor Cycling, High Intensity Training … These are all fields of application where, once again, an operator prepared and devoted to the functional result finds in the T-Plus equipment a very valid support for make the most of their skills.

We thank, in addition to the organizer, Mrs. Silvia of TradingBox of Padua who supported us in the event with great expertise.