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International Wintecare Workshop, second edition

The international Wintecare workshop was created to bring together selected specialists from around the world in an open, structured discussion regarding application programs, research and new ideas stemming from the Wintecare network. With this event, therefore, we aim to periodically update our guidelines on technological and application development.

During the event, the topics covered included tendinitis and myofascial syndrome, highlighting how T-Plus technology fits into the treatment strategy as a therapeutic tool. Each participant had the opportunity to draw on their own related experience and present a relevant clinical case with the technology developed by WINTECARE. In addition, three key interventions such as the seminar entitled “Professional sprinter training and treatment needsâ” by Prof. Roberto Bonomi, the workshop “Rehab and Reconditioning of Pro Track&Field sprinter athlete after 1 grade tear of the proximal myotendinous junction of the rectus femur muscleâ”, held by the specialist Simone Collio, and the interview “Performance physiotherapy in supporting an élite tennis athleteâ”, by our specialist Francisco Javier Perez Alba, offered participants food for thought in the field of performance.

Finally, we presented a preview of the new instruments developed for the T-Plus device, which enrich the areas of use of the instrument, giving more versatility to specialists.

This second edition of the International Wintecare Workshop also ends positively, as a meeting to enrich the wealth of information in our possession. See you in 6 months with a new edition!