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International Wintecare Workshop at Chiasso

Time is the new measurement of wealth and, just to save it, people are willing to change their behaviour. With the arrival of continuously-updated tools like Google, Wikipedia and YouTube, patients have access to an immense quantity of data. This often inspires them to seek out new solutions without, unfortunately, always having the right background or skill set to truly find their way around, a trend which is also pushing the health industry to change the rules of the game.

Given that complementary insurance policies and public health services cover only a part of the services which people actually make use of for their care, the only way to stand out as professionals is to provide better, longer-lasting results in a short amount of time. WINTECARE and its network of international specialists are determined to develop therapeutic PROGRAMMES which can make a real difference in terms of getting immediate results in three applied areas of physical therapy – rehabilitation, performance, and physical conditioning – and provide such programmes to other professionals in the field.

The International WINTECARE Workshop is a biannual event which has been created to bring specialists from around the world and selected by the brand to the same table for an open, structured discussion about applied programmes, research and new ideas from the WINTECARE network, with the ultimate aim of periodically updating the developmental guidelines. During the event, specific topics will be addressed and participants will have the chance to present a clinical case or a study which is relevant to WINTECARE programmes and technology. The meeting will result in a summary report to be shared with the participants, serving as an outline for the work to be done in the future.