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We’re still struggling to realize how far we’ve gone this year!
From Eugene to Monaco, from Seoul to Madrid, from Ankara to Oslo.
Not to mention the London Athletics World Championships…
What brings a small, young Swiss organization alongside one of the world’s best known brands?
In every ecosystem where competition is emphasized, it is an organisms’ specialization that makes the difference between success and extinction. In business as in nature, it is often the relationship between select large and small organisms that provides great benefits to both.
For now, we can only say that the London World Championships 2017 have been a great opportunity for growth for our team and, at the same time, an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our Programs at the highest levels of competition with the best athletes in the world.
We thank Nike for giving us confidence in following their champions and for welcoming us into their extraordinary hospitality at Tobacco dock.
A warm embrace to our friends at the Rosa and Associates team, for their support in making this venture possible.
We are ready for the next battle.