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Three-time world champion, two-time Olympic champion, six-time Diamond League champion
It isn’t every day that you find the competitiveness of a lion and the focus of a sniper united with a gentle soul, but that’s exactly what makes Christian Taylor truly special.
From Eugene to London with a stop in Lausanne, we’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with this exceptional competition machine, and we can’t wait to for the season to start again!

The triple jump takes the balance between power and precision to an extreme.
Technique, explosive power, elasticity, flexibility, speed. If you want to compete on a professional level in this sport, you can’t leave anything to chance. Much less so if you’ve decided you want to win a world championship medal.
After months of training, the week before the event arrives, full of interviews, charity events, technical meetings, daily practices, briefings. The body is ready but can the mind stay focused when you’re alone on the starting block in front of 70,000 spectators in the stands? To get to and stay in the upper echelons, the athlete must know himself, respect himself and allow himself the time necessary to maintain constant self-control. Experience and training are required for this too.
We use words such as psychosomatic and somatopsychic to describe the two-way street that connects the mind to bodily conditions and effects. In light of this, the therapist plays an incredibly important role in helping anyone who wants to reach specific performance goals and objectives.

Congratulations Christian! Your victories become even more meaningful with every successfully-completed challenge.