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What do Osaka, Nairobi and London have in common?
One thing, for sure, is WINTECARE.

The ultimate goal for many of the professionals we work with is to work in elite sport… To travel the world, make a difference and help an athlete achieve their dreams while fulfilling their own.

This is the case for Hideyuki Shibachi of Bright Body. He is a sports specialist from Japan who decided to pursue an international career. You need courage to make certain choices but Hide is determinedly pursuing his plan.
Supported by specialised sports group Bright Body, headquartered in Osaka, he completed various training sessions with the WINTECARE team in Switzerland.
After completing the first courses, he immediately offered to take part in international events, where WINTECARE follow athletes from across the world, to learn advanced techniques from the senior specialists.
Just a few months later he made his first independent trip to support Ethiopian champions.

He recently returned from Kenya where, equipped with the latest Tecar T-Plus technology, he supported one of the promising Kenyan long distance runners: Bedan Karoki.
They had met a few weeks earlier through WINTECARE, in Tokyo, where Bedam spends a large part of the year training.

For the World Championships in London in 2017, training quality is becoming a key factor. It’s not enough to churn out sweat and kilometres. You need to do it at the right pace and in the best physical condition to be able to push your body to the limit and beyond without suffering any critical consequences.
A trained specialist, equipped with a powerful tool like the T-Plus, can make the difference between going home with a medal or empty-handed. The satisfaction of seeing an athlete win a big medal is perhaps as great as that of winning it ourselves. See for yourself!