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A leap into the future with 2016 Olympic Gold medallist Thiago Braz da Silva at the IAAF World Pole Vault Centre in FORMIA

Races are won in the pre-season.
We’ve been saying this in many different ways for some time now. If one wants to compete at the highest levels, each aspect of the preparation programme must produce maximum benefits.
Physiotherapy and physical therapies are beginning to play an increasingly important role in athletes’ lives, be it for injury, prevention, extending careers…even as a concrete way to improve performance.
These types of programmes begin by analysing the athlete, his biomechanics and his training macrocycle and microcycle in order to create the best treatment strategy possible. Simple recovery or activation treatments are a thing of the past. Today, it’s all about ad-hoc interventions which correspond to the strain endured and training type – the very cutting-edge of sports therapy.
We can’t wait to see the results of da Silva’s preparations at the World Pole Vault Centre in Formia, within the Italian National Olympic Committee‘s training facilities.