One day soon, patients will be demanding that they receive appropriate and effective solutions to their healthcare needs in one place.
WINTECARE helps healthcare professionals develop their practices into fast, dependable solution providers able to meet this demand.

Our name is inspired by what we do.
Winning technologies and techniques for healthcare.

It is our conviction that only experienced professionals equipped with the right tools can provide outstanding results.
Leveraging scientific and empirical studies, WINTECARE conceives, designs, develops and manufactures healthcare technologies and treatment programs, creating a new concept of wellbeing that puts people at the center.
We bring together medical products and knowledge in carefully-formulated programs offered to healthcare professionals in tailored training courses. Our mission is to help them generate greater trust in the eyes of their patients and clients.
We organize our work programs in three worlds: Rehabilitation, Performances, Body conditioning.


#Beforethetreatment #pt3: place plate under the abdomen, ensuring it sticks properly to the body. Good surface contact affects the efficacy of the treatment results.

#Beforethetreatment #pt2: spread the cream evenly on the plate to improve the skin’s conductivity.

#Beforethetreatment #pt1: use our Conductive A+ which has the benefit of accelerating electrolyte mobilisation deep down, leading to better results.

Gabriele Bertelli, an enterprising, determined young man, always ready to learn to improve his professional activity. He is a senior specialist on the WINTECARE technical committee who never misses a call to act, ready and willing to give his all to obtain the set goals. #technicalcommittee

Shane Rainbird is a sports therapist on the WINTECARE technical committee in South Africa. After working with rugby teams in Durban, in 2012 he moved to Johannesburg and set up on his own. He immediately became a supporter and promoter of T-Plus technology, which allows him to achieve his professional goals. Shane also takes part in international sporting events, supporting top name athletes. #technicalcommittee

Simone Collio, from pro athlete to sports physiotherapist and coach, has always been a member of the WINTECARE technical committee. Where athletics and especially track and field are concerned, he is definitely the physio you would want on your team. #technicalcommittee

Closure of a WINTECARE leg treatment includes a cooling wrap. What does it feel like after treatment? Light, rested legs, ready to climb a mountain! #Repost- @roberfisiozgz .

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